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Directed by Jean Negulesco

United States 1946 125 mins.

Featuring a soundtrack packed to the gills with famed classical compositions, Humoresque gave Joan Crawford the opportunity to ascend the social ladder in her portrayal of Helen Wright, a society matron who falls for a much younger man, the concert violinist Paul Boray (a superb John Garfield). Although initially focused on Paul’s early pluckings and subsequently rapid rise to fame (assisted by Helen), Humoresque probes the depths of cross-generational relationship psychology through Paul and Helen’s equally distracted positions—Paul’s career focus and Helen’s loveless marriage. “A film about Joan Crawford’s face, that marvel of early make-up call architecture and brutal star self-will…(in which she’s) dedicated to making drunken self-loathing as glamorous as possible.”—Dan Callahan, Slant Magazine.

Genres: Drama, Romance

Appears in: Bette & Joan