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  • Directed by Can Evrenol
  • Turkey, 2017, 82 mins. , English

A woman who experienced a tragic loss as a child comes under the spell of a mysterious and charismatic cult leader. Pivoting (mostly) from the H.P. Lovecraft and Anton Levay influences of his debut film (Baskin), Evrenol instead projects a mélange of cosmic horror and giallo influences mixed with a 1980s European soft-core production aesthetic. “Evrenol shows that he’s more than a one-trick pony. Housewife is an intriguing and strangely sensual tale of the descent into madness.”—The Hollywood News. 

Filmography: Baskin (2015)

Genres: Horror

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While en route to answer distress calls from a rural village, a small group of policemen find themselves diverted to investigate a mysterious figure that skitters out into the road in front of their van. Evrenol takes viewers on a ride to hell as his characters stumble upon a ceremony with dire consequences for all