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Directed by Esther Podemski

Poland, United States 1998 54 mins. In English

Podemski’s deeply felt, excavating documentary sees her traveling to Poland with a group of her parents’ contemporaries in an attempt to trace the history of an old family photograph. Visiting old hometowns such as Poddebice and Lodz, we meet many Jews directly affected by the Holocaust—including the custodian of an unforgettable, immense Jewish cemetery. Physical traces of the history of the Jews in Poland survive, like an empty field with a lone memorial tablet, but those family members, friends, and colleagues who perished live on in the memories of those who survived. House of the World is a deeply emotional, poignant film made up of historical imagery, snapshots of Jewish life in Poland, archival music, and contemporary footage—all together, a vital record of a people.

Genres: Documentary