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Horse Money

  • Directed by Pedro Costa
  • Portugal, 2014, 103 mins., Portuguese/Creole

Set in a crumbling infirmary, Pedro Costa’s haunting, dreamlike film serves as an indictment of social injustice in postcolonial Europe. Ventura, a 70-year-old Cape Verdean immigrant, has been worn down from a lifetime of manual labor and civil strife in the Lisbon slums of Fountainhas. He is recuperating from a nervous disease and looks back on his life through a series of fragmented and ghostly encounters in a film of considerable visual and narrative originality and power. “In the soul-space of Ventura . . . a self-reckoning, a moving memorialization of lives in danger of being forgotten, and a great and piercingly beautiful work of cinema.”—New York Film Festival. Winner of the Best Film Prize, Locarno Film Festival.

Genres: Drama

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