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Directed by Megumi Sasaki

United States 2012 87 mins. In English

A follow-up to Sasaki’s HERB & DOROTHY, 50X50 revisits the remarkable art-collecting couple Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, who, with very modest means, accumulated one of the world’s most important contemporary art collections. This new chapter tells the remarkable story of “The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: 50 Works for 50 States.” The gift project was initiated after the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC—where the Vogels’ over 4,000 works were to find their permanent home—deemed their collection to be more than they could manage. So, as the name suggests, the project distributed the collection in groups of 50 works to an institution in each of the 50 states (Portland Art Museum included), making it one of the largest philanthropic arts patronage initiatives in our country’s history.

Genres: Documentary