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Directed by Mirlan Abdykalykov

Kyrgyzstan 2015 81 mins.

A family of horse-herding nomads lives in the remote high mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Tabyldy is the head of the household; his wife Karachach does the cooking and looks after their granddaughter, while their daughter-in-law Shaiyr takes their herd to graze. Shaiyr’s husband died some years ago and the absence of men is keenly felt. But another male (Ermek, a middle-aged meteorologist) does come into the picture and, his sudden liking for horse milk and friendship with Tabyldy arouses Karachach’s suspicion. Mirlan Abdykalykov’s feature debut uses simple narrative and majestic visuals to tell a gentle story about the inevitable clash of tradition and modernity. In Kirghiz and Hebrew with English subtitles.