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Directed by Nandan Rao

Corvallis 2012 60 mins. In English

This unconventional buddy movie follows two young Mormon men on a mission term in Hawaii, who spend their days cliff diving, moped riding, and conversing about relationships and religion. Despite the seeming frivolity of their daily activities, pressures weigh upon them to find wives and become serious men. “Knowingly, HAWAIIAN PUNCH lacks action. In fact, it is the inaction of the film and its protagonists that reveals the fundamental truth in their lives. Instead of spiritual enlightenment, these are two men on the verge of realizing their own stasis. Nick is pursuing romance as a devout Mormon, while Tor openly expresses his lack of faith and weighs the value of raising children with or without a spiritual community. Neither seem to reach any fulfillment, but their compelling thread of conversations builds throughout the film.”—Local Sightings Film Festival.