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Directed by Samit Kakkad

India 2016 112 mins. In Marathi

Half Ticket is a story of the “Have Nots” struggling to survive in a world of “Haves.” Fascinated by the arrival of a pizza parlor in their slum neighborhood in Mumbai, two mischievous young boys have one goal in mind: to taste this new delicacy. The pizza is wildly beyond their means, but they are determined to find a way. As we watch them navigate the hardship and poverty of their world, how they go about the challenge and what fate has in store will charm all ages. “The scenario is reminiscent of Italian and Iranian neo-realist fables like Bicycle Thieves and The White Balloon, but the energy and vibrancy is unmistakably Indian—there’s a dash of Slumdog Millionaire in here, for sure.”—Variety. In Marathi with English subtitles.

Sponsored by the Lamb-Baldwin Foundation and World Foods Portland

Review: Hollywood Reporter

Filmography: Delinquent Dancers (2012)