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Half Baked

  • Directed by Tamra Davis
  • United States, 1998, 82 mins., English

Thurgood Jenkins (Dave Chapelle) aka Sir Smoke-a-Lot and his friends need to raise a million dollars to get their pal out of jail in Tamra Davis’s wickedly funny 1998 take on stoner culture. The obvious answer? Selling supercharged weed pilfered from the laboratory where Thurgood works as a janitor. Featuring an endless stream of cameos including John Stewart, Snoop Dogg, Tracy Morgan, Willie Nelson, Bob Saget, and Tommy Chong. “Baked could be viewed as pretty socially irresponsible, but it’s not a training film for children; it’s for adults.”—Dave Chapelle

Arrive early for food, drinks and music from DJ Flash Gordon Quarterback New York Jets of What I Like!

Genres: Stoner Comedy

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