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Directed by Graham Annable

Oregon 2019 60 mins. In English

Oscar-nominated cartoonist and animator Graham Annable presents an evening of short works from his humorously imaginative world of Grickle. Filled with googly-eyed individuals in absurdist stories, Annable’s work is akin to independent animators such as Bill Plympton, Don Hertzfeldt, and Amy Lockhart. Works screened include 2009’s Principal Skeleton, about just that, a school principal whose greatest asset is his own skeletal self; 2007’s Last Duet on Earth, in which a pair of musicians hiding out during a zombie apocalypse find a unique way to survive; 2008’s Botched, which tells the story of an alien abduction gone awry; 2011’s Smartest Dog in the World, about the very best intentions of man’s best friend following an unfortunate accident; 2016’s Dummy, wherein a ventriloquist’s puppet decides it would like to turn the tables on its master; and 2019’s Maybellene, in which an attempt to simply give a cat a treat turns horribly wrong for everyone. These, and many more delightfully comic works from over the past 15 years, will screen. Annable is sure to go down in Oregon history, alongside so many other great animators and comic artists from across the state.

Genres: Animation

Appears in: Northwest Tracking