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Directed by Phie Ambo

Denmark 2014 100 mins.

Ambo’s pastoral documentary follows a herd of rare cattle and their idealistic owners over a year. For centuries, Red Danish was the dominant breed in the region. In hopes of reviving their fortunes, Niels Stockholm and his partner Rita buy a farm and stock it with these attractive russet cows. Niels and Rita have clear ideas about how their biodynamic farm should be run, with plants and animals coexisting in harmony. While their produce gets the seal of approval from Copenhagen’s famous Noma restaurant, Niel and Rita’s holistic methods aren’t popular with the authorities and their Thorshøjgaard farm is under threat. “In a period when concerns about food and health are paramount, Good Things Await makes arguments for biodynamic principles and practices that are both logically and cinematically compelling.” – Variety.