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Directed by Claudia Weill

United States 1978 86 mins.

Susan (Melanie Mayron), a fine art photographer, and Anne (Anita Skinner), a writer, live as roommates in New York City, scraping by as artists yet to break through. When Anne ditches the roommate life to marry Martin (Bob Balaban) and have a child, Susan becomes adrift and desperate, running through a series of fleeting relationships and professional successes and setbacks. As Susan grapples with her new life on her own, she begins to better understand herself and her dreams for the future—which come into clearer focus with the sale of a few photographs and a chance meeting with Eric (Christopher Guest). A tender exploration of friendship and precarious life in the big city, Girlfriends was a truly shoestring production that has nevertheless proved its staying power with its forward-thinking feminist stance, fine performances, and gritty location photography—a snapshot of a New York long gone.

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Appears in: Essential Cinema