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Directed by Jim Jarmusch

United States 1999 116 mins. In English

A highly idiosyncratic take on the samurai film, Jarmusch’s tale of a lone, pigeon-keeping hit man (Forest Whitaker) removes the warrior from feudal Japan and places him in modern-day Jersey City. Ghost Dog, as he is known, is a strict follower of Hagakure (the way of the samurai). He spends his days at the park with his only friends, Haitian ice cream salesman Raymond (Issach De Bankolé) and adolescent Pearline (Camille Winbush), and his nights wandering the streets stealing cars and making hits for the Italian Mafia, but when a hit goes wrong, he is targeted by his former employers. GHOST DOG displays Jarmusch’s style in full flower while tackling issues of loyalty and the warrior code, with very modern repercussions.

Genres: Crime, Drama

Appears in: Samurai Cinema