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Gates of Heaven

  • Directed by Erroll Morris
  • United States, 1978, 85 mins., English

Morris’s classic film follows the shifting fortunes of two Bay Area pet cemeteries. One, San Francisco’s Foothill Memorial Gardens, stems from the lifelong dream of owner Floyd McClure to give Fido the dignity of a human-style burial. But when McClure goes bankrupt, some 450 sets of remains are shipped north to the Napa Valley’s Bubbling Well Memorial Park, and Morris goes with them. In between, Morris casts his deadpan gaze on pet owners, a professional animal byproducts recycler, and other richly bizarre exponents of weird America. “Surrounded by layer upon layer of comedy, pathos, irony, and human nature. I have seen this film perhaps 30 times and am still not anywhere near the bottom of it. All I know is, it’s about a lot more than pet cemeteries.”—Roger Ebert, The Chicago Sun Times.

Genres: Documentary

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