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Directed by Agnieszka Smoczynska

Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic 2018 100 mins. In Polish, English with subtitles

Director Smoczynska takes a sharp left turn in her follow up to 2015’s The Lure, abandoning the singing, murderous mermaids of her debut for a more realistically grounded and somber tale of a woman who returns to her former life after falling into a dissociative fugue state. Pitched somewhere between a mystery and a domestic drama, Fugue follows Alicja (Gabriela Muskala, who also wrote the screenplay) as she tries to reintegrate back into a role that may no longer be available for her, all while her husband (Lukasz Simlat), son (Iwo Rajski), and others once close to her struggle to reconnect with a woman they barely recognize. “Fugue transforms into a rather striking sophomore offering, cementing its author as one of our finest emerging international voices.” —Jacob Knight, Birth. Movies. Death.

Filmography: The Lure (2015)

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