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Directed by Daniel T. Skaggs

Billings 2013 66 mins. In English

“Hobos to me, represent an American pastime—a story told through the lyrics of Woody Guthrie and writers from the dust Bowl era. Historically, men of The Great Depression rode trains out of necessity. I, however, had been riding freight trains for nearly a decade seeking adventure. In the summer of 2011, I hopped a freight out of Missoula, Montana. Armed with camera equipment, a pack, and a vision, I crisscrossed the nation’s railroads, encountering the characters of this documentary. This movie is about Blackbird, a lost teenager searching for the answers to life; Ponyboy and Rachel, young lovers who attempt to settle down in Texas but the freedom of the road lures them back; brothers Skrappe and Christmas—separated most of their lives—try to rekindle their distant brother- hood; and dice who will risk everything to ride the rails.”—Daniel Skaggs.