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Directed by François Ozon

France 2016 113 mins. In French, German

A year after his death in 1918, Anna is mourning her fiancé Frantz, a German soldier killed in the war. One day she sees a man laying flowers on Frantz’s grave and is surprised to learn he is French and was Frantz’s friend at music school in Paris before the war. Anna and the mysterious Frenchman find comfort in each other, and their relationship soon evolves into something stronger, yet undefined. When he returns to France and a letter she sends is returned, she decides to find him and come to terms with her own grief.

Sponsored by TV5Monde and Alliance Française

Reviews: Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian UK, Indiewire

Filmography: Young & Beautiful (2013), Potiche (2010), Swimming Pool (2003), 8 Women (2002), Under the Sand (2000), Water Drops on Burning Rocks (2000), Sitcom (1998), See the Sea (1997)