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For a Woman

Inspired by her own family history, Kurys’s (Sagan, Peppermint Soda) handsome drama moves between post-World War II France and the 1980s, where novelist Anne (Sylvie Testud) goes on a quest to understand the past. Equipped with recently discovered letters and photos, she begins to shed light on the tangled relationship between her parents and a mysterious uncle, thought dead, who appeared on their doorstep in 1947 Lyon.

Genres: Melodrama, Romance

Other Films by Diane Kurys

Peppermint Soda

French actress Diane Kurys embarked on a directorial career with 1977’s unsung masterpiece Peppermint Soda, a film about the transition from childhood to a young woman’s teenage years, culled from Kurys’ own experiences as a young woman in the early 1960s. Anne (Eléonore Klarwein) has a relatively comfortable existence in a moderately bourgeois household, helped