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Directed by Andrea Arnold

United Kingdom 2009 123 mins. In English

With the arrival of her 2009 sophomore film, Academy Award-winning director Andrea Arnold (Red Road, American Honey) cemented herself as the rightful heir to Ken Loach’s brand of British social realism. Fish Tank tells the tale of Mia (Katie Jarvis), a 15-year-old dropout with few options presented to her by her home life or social strata. Her mother (Kierston Wareing) has taken up with a new beau (Michael Fassbender) whose growing and questionable affection for Mia goes dangerously unchecked. Brawling with other girls her age, Mia’s only release from the grim reality of her life is hip-hop dancing, vividly captured by Arnold and her director of photography Robbie Ryan (Philomena, I, Daniel Blake). “It’s the anti-Thirteen, painting a complex, and deeply sad, picture of the fraught intersection between teenage and adult desire and the ways in which mothers fail their daughters.”Kristin M. Jones, Film Comment.