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Directed by Jonathan Cianfrani

United States 2017 68 mins. In English

Author and chef Edward Lee (The Mind of a Chef) goes on a journey to understand how the ancient process of fermentation is used in modern cuisine both at home and abroad. The culinary world has labeled fermentation as the hottest food trend at the moment, and Fermented stands as point of entry into the deep dark world of beautiful rot, and what it means to humankind. An ancient and mysterious food preservation technique, fermentation tells a story tracing back to the origins of our species. By exploring the process of making cheese, bread, beer, and charcuterie we find out how flavor has taken over as the main reason for keeping the tradition of fermentation alive. Through profiles of kimchi, kombucha, and pickles we begin to understand that it isn’t just the process, but the results that keep us wanting more. Fermented looks at how a tradition can give rise to a contemporary trend, and helps us realize the culture and history of fermentation is in all of us, even in our modern era of refrigeration and canning, where food is in abundance. Post-film discussion with Edward Lee, moderated by Liz Crain, co-organizer of Portland Fermentation Festival.

Onsite $2 ticket discount available for those with Portland Book Festival wristbands/proof of purchase!