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Directed by Linda Fenstermaker

Washington 65 mins.

Working primarily in 16mm and Super 8mm film, experimental Seattle filmmaker Linda Fenstermaker explores the interactions and relationships between body and landscape while discovering new avenues for female perspectives. Tonight she will be on hand to present a selection of her work, including Abandoned Generations (2015, 10 mins.), which, told through the perspective of a 1940s female farmer, juxtaposes daily life against modern society’s distance from the Earth from which it came; Erased Etchings (2017, 9 mins.), in which the essence of four Seattle homes slated to be demolished are captured on celluloid, providing a record of that which no longer exists; and Partial (2016, 6.5 mins.), which uses in-camera layering techniques and hand-processing aesthetics to expose the separation between human self and natural landscape.

Genres: Experimental