Eyes Wide Shut

In the late 1990s, near the end of his career, Kubrick, known for his painstakingly crafted visions of Western culture— infused with a deep, unsettling malaise—enlisted Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, at the time Hollywood’s hottest power couple, for a visceral exploration of marital un-fulfillment and existential dread. While at a lavish party, the couple is torn in different directions, both sexual and adulterous, which sets them off on a deeply disconcerting journey that will shake the foundations of their marriage. One of Kubrick’s most unjustly maligned films, and a passion project for which the director had long owned the adaptation rights—the film is based on Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 novel TraumnovelleEyes Wide Shut provides a dream-like, otherworldly vision of late 20th-century upper-crust marital politics.

Genres: Drama, Thriller

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