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Directed by Lucile Hadžihalilović

France 2015 81 mins. In French

After diving below the waves surrounding his coastal village, a young boy claims to have seen the body of another child trapped in the coral reef. The discovery is made all the more cryptic due to what appears to be a starfish blooming from the belly button of the corpse. Eleven years after her last feature (Innocence), Hadzihalilovic (who co-authored Enter the Void with Gaspar Noé) returns with a dark, feminist fairytale peppered with stylistic nods to David Lynch and the body horror of David Cronenberg. “Spooky, tantalizing, and beautifully shot and designed, Evolution creates a cinematic world that’s utterly sui generis. It’s an impeccable, creepy, and genuinely transporting movie.”—Glenn Kenny, The New York Times. In French with English subtitles.