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Directed by Jennifer Hardacker

Oregon 2008 60 mins. In English

Spanning a course of 20 years, Jennifer Hardacker’s films weave together pointed sound design, animation, video projection, and images shot on 16mm and video to produce works brimming with wonder at the mysteries that surround us. Tonight’s program will feature Managing Your Emotions (1998), in which educational film soundtracks are juxtaposed with “out of control” visuals; Every Space They Wander (1999), combining three folktales with conflicting morals that ask, is it better to stay or go?; Ghost Stories (2005), which investigates the meaning of motherhood from the viewpoint of her own mother; The Nightgardener (2008), in which a garden at night takes on a new life with the help of found and archival footage and a video projector; and Werifesteria (2018), an envisioning of the hidden histories and life enshrouded within the canopies of an old-growth forest. Join us for a reception with Jennifer Hardacker at 6 pm and for a post-film discussion.

Genres: Experimental