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Directed by Mark Hartley

Australia, Israel 2014 107 mins. In English, Hebrew

“Cousins Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus helped to create the modern Israeli film industry. . . . During the ’80s, Golan and Globus set up shop in Hollywood by purchasing The Cannon Group. Dismal titles such as The Apple quickly gained Cannon a reputation as purveyors of rotten movies. Despite the criticism, the pair . . . went on to produce a stunningly eclectic array of films, ranging from straight-up genre (Invasion USADeath Wish 3) to more esteemed fare (King LearBarfly). Hartley expertly weaves together clips from Cannon’s back catalog with an impressive array of interviews with Cannon players. The result is a whiplash-inducing ride through decades of exploitation cinema and high-rolling business deals.”—Fantastic Fest.