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El Mar La Mar

The Sonoran desert, on the Mexico–US border, is one of the most brutal and hotly contested areasof land on the planet. For two years, Bonnetta and Sniadecki (The Iron Ministry) investigated this area, filming the stunning natural landscape and interviewing those who live in this most inhospitable locale, and those who attempt to navigate it in search of a better life. A portrait of this paradoxical place emerges from the filmmakers’ painstaking work, an emotional and visually ravishing journey. “The grainy images project a distant past, yet the living testimonies of those who have witnessed the death and desperation—their voices often isolated in the resounding darkness of a black screen—demonstrate how burningly present the subject is.” —Artforum. In Spanish and English with English subtitles.

Filmography (J.P. Sniadecki): The Iron Ministry (2014), Yumen (2013), People’s Park (2012), Foreign Parts (2010)

Filmography (Joshua Bonnetta): first feature

Reviews: MUBI Notebook, Artforum, Sight & Sound, The House Next Door

Interviews: The Guardian

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Night Two: Interaction of Formats

* Rescheduled to Monday, December 19th due to inclement weather * This program features four kindred films with colo(u)r as their focus, featuring a student of color theorist Josef Albers (Richard Serra), an homage to Kodachrome film stock (since expired), an exploration of Achromatopsia (inability to see color), and a remixing of Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe

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The Iron Ministry

“This thrilling new film, shot over three years during a series of train journeys across China, begins with metal: the sounds and sights of gears, wheels on tracks and linked railway cars meshing, crunching, and grinding. We are gradually introduced to the people who ride and work on the cars, with their luggage, their produce,