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A friendship forms outside the principal’s office. Winner of a 2016 Fresh Film Northwest Creative Expression Award.

I love John Hughes movie and I felt that this film could act as a nice homage to his work and could be done on a $0 budget. — Brendan Hickey

Genres: Narrative

Other Films by Brendan Hickey


From Ballard High School. Expert assassin Bruce Viper stalks his newest target Oswaldo Mcgee on a late rainy night in a diner. In this noir homage short, Oswaldo aims to get his takeout before Viper can take him out. We wanted to do a noir homage with a modern comedy sensibility. Its a throwback with

The Midnight Criminals

From Ballard High School To pay for college, a student and his friends aim to turn towards a life of crime. Collectively, they are The Midnight Criminals. This film was an exercise in doing a project with a bigger scope and ambition than anything I’d worked on before. I also wanted to do a crime

Tidal Cruiser

An eccentric spokesman sells you the skateboard of your dreams. From filmmaker Brendan Hickey: I had wanted to do some sort of weird animated project for a while and liked to idea of using individually photographed notecards as it seemed to me to have a kind of homemade energy.