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Directed by Eva Wunderman

British Columbia 2017 59 mins.

What begins with a letter unfurls into a globe-spanning investigation of origins and familial connections. Former Nunavut Territory commissioner Edna Elias is contacted by Fredrik Norberg, who is writing a book about Edna’s great-grandfather, Petter Norberg, who left Sweden in search of adventure and a new world in the late 1800s. Upon reaching Canada’s far north, Petter fell in love with an Inuit woman and started a new family. Vancouver director Eva Wunderman documents Edna’s and Fredrik’s journey into the past to uncover Petter’s incredible adventures, including becoming the second person to sail the great Northwest Passage in a single vessel, establishing the northernmost Hudson’s Bay trading post, and rescuing other explorers before disappearing into the wild. Employing re-created scenes with interviews, Wunderman has constructed a touching documentary that shines a light on a rugged past while revealing surprising connections between two countries pioneered by adventurous spirits.

Genres: Documentary