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Directed by Amy Benson, Scott Squire

Nepal, Seattle 2015 96 mins. In Nepali

Filmed over the course of seven years, DRAWING THE TIGER focuses on the lives of a family of Nepalese subsistence farmers and their daily struggles. The parents have watched their children go off in different directions. Their hopes for a brighter future are pinned almost solely on their eldest daughter, Shanta, who has been studying voraciously to become a doctor in an underfunded, poorly run school. When Shanta is awarded a scholarship for a city education in Kathmandu the fulfillment of her dreams feels imminent, but opportunity is coupled with the kind of sacrifice that comes with the responsibility of singlehandedly pulling her family out of poverty. “A quietly powerful film that will stick with viewers long after it ends. It’s a major work by people who clearly put everything they had and more into making it.”—Toronto Film Scene.