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Down River

  • Directed by Ben Ratner
  • Vancouver/British Columbia/Canada, 2013, 93 mins.

VISITING ARTIST—“Writer/director/actor Ben Ratner tells an emotionally stirring story of three young women—Fawn, a talented but insecure actress; Harper, a gifted rock singer teetering between self-destruction and self-discovery; and Aki, a scatological artist who emerges from under her paint-stained hoodie like a drunken butterfly. Inspired by Ratner’s longtime friendship with iconic Vancouver actress Babz Chula, this is a funny film about mentorship, friendship, living life to the fullest, and, ultimately, letting go.”—Vancouver International Film Festival. Winner of the Most Popular Canadian Film Prize at the 2013 VIFF.

Appears in: Northwest Tracking

Genres: Drama