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Directed by Shevaun Mizrahi

Turkey, United States 2017 80 mins. In Turkish, English, Armenian, French, Greek, Kurdish with subtitles

Mizrahi’s debut feature is a compelling, sensitive portrait of an Istanbul retirement community, filled with misfits, as a sleek office/residential tower is meticulously constructed next door. The residents of the home are an ever-amusing group of pranksters, artists, and intellectuals—but all are focused on life’s biggest questions in an ever-evolving search for meaning through experience and memory. Outside, construction on the gleaming tower continues, the wind howls, and the nighttime snow silently falls. Society moves along at its incessant pace, while time slows down inside the walls of the home. “Compelling…a rich experience.”—Mark Asch, Little White Lies

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Essential Cinema