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Directed by Tatsushi Omori

Japan 2014 124 mins.

Omori’s new film, starring hot young actors Eita and Ryuhei Matsuda, is a freewheeling, idiosyncratic dive into big social issues through the unlikely lens of a buddy comedy. Tada (Eita), proprietor of a fledgling do-it-all service, is fed up with couch-crashing, pessimistic Gyoten (Matsuda), who has a colorful past populated with sketchy episodes and even sketchier characters. When several of these episodes resurface—including an emergency babysitting gig and Gyoten’s relationship with a religious cult leader—their friendship is pushed to the brink, leaving it to the optimistic Tada to find the silver lining. Eita and Matsuda, two of Japan’s hottest young actors, brilliantly play off each other in this unorthodox, uplifting comedy of errors. “A package of unsinkable charm!”—Vancouver International Film Festival.

Genres: Comedy