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Directed by Shilpa Sunthankar

Oregon 60 mins. In English

Shilpa Sunthankar is a screenwriter, director, and producer with an affinity for stories about different cultures in coexistence, thanks to her background as an Indian-American woman raised in the “cowboy country” of Colorado. Her program will feature the West Coast premiere of her newest film Working Lunch, funded in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council, about individuals from opposite communities who come together after a message of hate is spray-painted on the window of a local restaurant. Sunthankar will also present two earlier films: The Company of Thieves (2011), about a thief left for dead in the woods by his partner, who then makes a deal with the Devil for revenge; and Biography of an American Hostess (2004), about an Indian-American restaurant hostess who is the target of misconceptions and expectations from Indians and Americans alike. A panel with local artists and filmmakers, moderated by Portland Creative Laureate and New Expressive Works founder,Subashini Ganesan, will take place after the screening. Panel topics include pertinent issues presented in Sunthankar’s film Working Lunch: cross-cultural, across-the-aisle connection amidst the rise of new hate. Join us for a pre-screening reception at 6pm in the Stevens room inside the Portland Art Museum.

Genres: Narrative