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Directed by Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt

Portugal, France, Brazil 2018 92 mins. In Portuguese with English subtitles

One of the year’s most out-there conceptual works, Diamantino is an eye-opening and thoroughly hilarious experience. The film tracks the trials and tribulations of the titular Diamantino Matamouros (Carloto Cotta in a genius role), the world’s greatest soccer player and supreme rich boy. Matamouros misses a chance at the winning World Cup goal after losing his secret goal-scoring visualization: fluffy puppies and candy clouds. Set adrift, the somewhat dense yet very self-aware Diamantino is churned through a series of increasingly absurd and ultimately nefarious situations, including his entanglement with a bumbling far-right, anti-EU shadow group and his adoption of an ostensibly-African refugee with something big to hide. These just scratch the surface of the truly wild Diamantino, a cult object par excellence in the making.

Filmography: Palaces of Pity (2011)