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Directed by George Marshall

United States 1939 95 mins. In English

In this vintage Western, the glamourous Marlene Dietrich stars as Frenchy, a dance hall singer and entertainer caught up in a violent web rippling through the aptly-named small frontier town of Bottleneck. Frenchy’s beau Kent (Brian Donlevy) runs the town casino and—after the long-time sheriff’s death—the town, exerting an iron grip. But with a new sheriff (the town drunk) comes a new sheriff’s deputy: Tom Destry, Jr. (James Stewart), a do-gooder from strong lawman stock, who descends upon Bottleneck intent on cleaning things up once and for all. To do so, Destry must contend with the vicious Kent, the town’s corrupt mayor, and yes, Frenchy, the most formidable of all, as she attempts the most difficult conquest: control of Destry’s heart.