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Directed by David Cronenberg

United States 1988 116 mins. In English

In one of Cronenberg’s finest—and creepiest—efforts, Jeremy Irons unforgettably stars as twins Elliot and Beverly Mantle, both gynecologists in private practice. Elliot, the slick womanizer of the two, regularly seduces patients and turns them over to the reserved, introspective Beverly. Claire (Geneviève Bujold), a famous actress, consults the Mantles about her inability to have children—but when she and Beverly become lovers, their twisted relationship threatens to upend the equilibrium between the twins, whose very souls begin to intertwine in grotesque, hellish ways. “A startling tale of physical and psychic disintegration, pivoting on the twins’ hopeless interdependence and playing havoc with the viewer’s grip on reality. It’s a mesmerizing achievement, as well as a terrifically unnerving one.”—Janet Maslin, The New York Times.

Genres: Thriller

Appears in: Wordstock: Film to Page