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Directed by Cathy Yan

China 2018 130 mins. In Mandarin with subtitles

Yan’s playful, compulsively entertaining debut brings several storylines together around an ecological crisis in a mid-sized Chinese city outside Shanghai. Dead pigs are turning up left and right, eventually finding their way to the Yangtze river—a mystery to everyone. A pig farmer and his wealthy salon-owner sister can’t see eye-to-eye on anything, least of all about his rescue from economic hard times; an American expat architect helps reshape the working-class landscape of the city; and a shy busboy and spoiled rich girl develop a relationship in a hospital. In Yan’s comic (and musical!) universe, these storylines delicately connect in a “delightful, spiky, comic debut about overlapping lives and interlocking misfortunes in modern China.” —Jessica Kiang, Variety.

Filmography: First feature

Content warning: some implied animal violence

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