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Directed by Bill Morrison

United States 2016 120 mins. In English

Like his elegant Decasia (2002) and The Great Flood (2012), Dawson City is a hypnotic mashup of narrative cinema filtered through Bill Morrison’s fascination with the history of decomposing nitrate celluloid. Fashioned mainly from a cache of old films found frozen and forgotten in the once booming gold-rust outpost in the Yukon, the story of the town and cinema history unfold through Morrison’s collage of otherworldly images. Set to a haunting score by Sigur Rós’s Alex Somers, we visit a time and place available only through an artist’s vision and the quirk of film distribution routes that dead-ended in Dawson. “In addition to being filled with as many twists and turns as a first-rate suspense thriller, Dawson City is packed with near-metaphysical intimations, both awe-inspiring and humbling… an instantaneously recognizable masterpiece.”—Glen Kenny, The New York Times.

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Weekend Engagements