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Dark Passage

Vincent Parry (Humphrey Bogart), convicted for murdering his wife, escapes San Quentin dead-set on proving his innocence. Picked up hitchhiking by Irene Jansen (Lauren Bacall), he finds an ally, as Irene’s father—who died in prison—was wrongly convicted of murdering her mother. But when the sinister Madge (Agnes Moorehead), an acquaintance of Irene’s and spurned romantic interest of Parry’s, knocks on Irene’s door one night, Parry must suppress his bloodlust and focus on the task at hand: figuring out who really killed his wife. A riveting exercise in narrative economy, Dark Passage features one of the most unique contrivances of the classical Hollywood era, keeping Bogart’s face under bandages for a significant portion of the film.

Appears in: A Little Noir

Genres: Film Noir, Noir, Thriller