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Directed by Eytan Fox

Israel, France 2013 92 mins.

A group of friends in a Tel Aviv suburb gathers to watch “Universong,” a Eurovision-style song contest, trying to forget the stress of their daily lives. Yael is an unfulfilled former beauty queen. Dana is a harried aide to a cabinet minister. Anat has a successful bakery but an unsuccessful marriage. Keren is a shy blogger; Efrat a frustrated singer-songwriter whose career has stalled. And Ofer is a nursery-school teacher who is upset that his boyfriend, a spokesmodel for his family’s famous brand of hummus, is still in the closet and won’t publicly acknowledge their romance. After they realize Anat is distraught over the crisis in her marriage, they write a song to cheer her up, and Ofer secretly submits it as Israel’s entry to “Universong.”