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Crystals of Transformation

The energetic environment of water affects its molecular structure.

Genres: Dance, Short

Other Films by Fuchsia Lin

Movement and Flow: Portland Dance Films

Tonight’s program features six Portland-made films featuring dance and movement. Conrad Kazcor’s We’re From Here (2015, 18 mins.) documents three distinctly different dancers and how they came to love and perform with their own particular style. Fuchsia Lin’s Crystals of Transformation (2016, 5 mins.) combines unique costumes and wave-side locations to suggest how the energetic

Dancing Over Borders

BodyVox Co-Artistic Director Jamey Hampton has curated a collection of recent films that combine fresh emerging voices with seasoned artists speaking with authority. Ranging from absurdly humorous to raw and human, all represent reality altered through the unexpected: a sense of transformation and evolution, a destruction of the inevitable. With selections from around the world