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Directed by Darya Zhuk

United States, Germany, Russia, Belarus 2018 95 mins. In Belarusian, English with subtitles

With a shock of dyed hair and a wildly colored wardrobe to match, 20-something Velya (a breakout role for relative newcomer Alina Nasibullina) has one love: DJing house music at mid-1990s Minsk warehouse parties. But Velya also dreams of a better life in the US, particularly Chicago, the birthplace of house music. She tries, heavily bureaucratic post-Communist state be damned, to secure a travel visa and follow her dreams— getting involved with a charmingly ramshackle rural family along the way. This comically absurd, often surreal film is a breath of fresh air and a bittersweet ode to outcasts and dreamers everywhere. “The sort of blazing triumph that would hold even the sleepiest festivalgoer in rapt attention.” —Matt Fagerholm, Belarus’s foreign-language Oscar submission.

Filmography: First feature

Content warning: one scene containing sexual assault

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