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Directed by Stephen Maing

United States 2018 112 mins.

First-time documentary feature director Stephen Maing trains his camera on a group of NYPD officers—all people of color—who have been forced into unofficial, behind-closed-doors summons quotas at work. In fighting this illegal, racist practice, this group knows as the “NYPD 12”—who threaten their livelihoods in a search for justice—set in motion a legal and moral fight for the future of policing in New York and the US more broadly. Maing takes us inside the precincts, stations, prisons, meeting rooms, and courts of law, exposing the rampant abuse of power at all levels of city policing. He also gives us surprising inside views of private investigators and social justice organizers at work, who fight for people’s rights—including many of those incarcerated under false pretenses—every single day. “Crime + Punishment is one of 2018’s essential documentary films. Maing’s talent is undeniable, but it’s Crime + Punishment’s grasp of the daring, the bravery, of its subjects in conveying their complicated realities which ultimately makes the film both address and transcend this moment—which makes it a document that will endure for years to come.”—Andy Crump, Paste Magazine.

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Weekend Engagements