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Copper Perforation Loop Triptych

  • Directed by Ruth Hayes
  • Washington, 2016, 3 mins., English

Direct animated film made from a five-inch diameter disc of perforated copper scratching away at black leader.

Genres: Experimental, Short

Other Films by Ruth Hayes

An Evening With Ruth Hayes

Beginning with the earliest forms of animation and optical toys, Olympia animator Ruth Hayes has created handmade objects such as flipbooks, zoetropes, and praxi-scopes, some of which are in the library collections of the Museum of Modern Art and will be on display before the screening. Her films range from the use of camera-less techniques

Northwest Tracking: Trailblazing Women of Independent Animation

As a preview of the Film Center’s post-festival Northwest Tracking series showcasing six independent animation innovators, we are  pleased to offer this program sampler of their outstanding work to be featured. After the screening head on over to the Northwest Filmmakers’ Summit for a panel and conversation with the animators about their craft working in

Cooper Perforation Loop Triptych

Direct animation created by scraping emulsion against a circular disc of perforated cooper.

Animation By Design

Presented in association with Design Week Portland, this short program of abstract animation features a variety of diverse work by Oregon and Washington animators with distinct graphic styles. This program includes: Joanna Priestley Joan Gratz Aaron F. Ross Marilyn Zornado Laura Heit Micah Weber Kello Goeller Jefferson Kincaid Reed O’Beirne Eric Ostrowski Ruth Hayes Devon