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Directed by Laura Collado, Jim Loomis

Spain 2017 82 mins.

At the helm of Catalonia, Spain’s elBulli, voted the world’s best restaurant a record five times, Ferran Adrià became one of haute cuisine’s most recognizable faces. His equally talented brother, Albert, meanwhile toiled behind the scenes, content to stay out of the spotlight in favor of creating masterpieces night after night. Following elBulli’s 2011 closure and subsequent reinvention as a charitable foundation, Albert sought to break out on his own, following only his taste and ambition for pushing cuisine to its highest peaks. Founding several innovative restaurants, Albert has truly emerged, directors Collado and Loomis astutely following his every step as he seeks once again to master the culinary world. Presented in collaboration with La Ruta PDX. 



Genres: Documentary