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Directed by Kei Chikaura

Japan, China, France 2018 116 mins. In Japanese with subtitles

Written, directed, and edited by rising star Kei Chikaura, debut feature Complicity is a timely immigration drama that evokes deep compassion across cultural lines and explores the commonalities that can arise from unexpected situations. Chinese immigrant Chen Liang (sensitively depicted by Lu Yulai) is a precarious worker taking dead-end, meaningless jobs to scrape by. Offered a chance to work in Japan on a temporary visa, Chen is mistaken for another man, but, playing the part, ends up at the traditional soba noodle house of a master chef (screen legend Tatsuya Fuji), where the two begin an all-enveloping master-apprentice relationship. For Chen, the opportunity offers a chance at happiness and stability in an unknown land—but for how long, and at what personal cost?

Genres: Drama

Appears in: Japanese Currents