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Directed by Jan Ole Gerster

Germany 2013 88 mins. In German

Gerster’s wry, breezy first feature (a.k.a. Oh Boy) swept all of the major German Film Awards this year with its sly subversion of Generation Y clichés, assured direction, and timeless black-and-white cinematography. Berlin slacker Niko is drifting through his twenties content to let life and responsibilities slide by and oblivious to his growing estrangement. But over the course of a single day, the cosmic balance shifts, imperceptibly at first, and a series of unfortunate and surprising encounters snowball into what could only be described as an existential crisis. His girlfriend turns on him, and when his disappointed father asks him—after discovering that he has long ago dropped out of university—what he has been doing for the last two years, he can only muster, “I’ve been thinking.” If only he could grab a cup of coffee.