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Directed by Agnès Varda

France 1962 90 mins. In French with English subtitles

Varda’s breakthrough film—a landmark of feminist cinema and one of the only Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) films to deal entirely with a woman’s perspective on life—follows Cléo (Corinne Marchand), a beautiful singer who, following a fateful and harrowing tarot reading, fears she has cancer and that death is imminent. Cléo’s life, very far removed from the horrors of the French-Algerian colonial war raging in 1961, consists of small, routine pleasures: shopping, listening to the radio, and visiting friends. But those routine pleasures in the context of her fears take on entirely new dimensions, and from 5 to 7 pm on her fateful day, Cléo must grapple with her fleeting mortality while those around her downplay her fears. Cléo from 5 to 7 is a groundbreaking and assured blend of documentary and fiction filmmaking strategies; “a film of enduring depth that offers many rewards…one of the most complex and original films of the nouvelle vague.”—Susan Oxtoby, Cinematheque Ontario.