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Directed by Claude Sautet

France 1960 103 mins. In French

Abel (Lino Ventura), hiding out in Italy and wanted by the French police, decides it’s time for one last heist so he and his family can secure a quiet future. After a robbery in Milan and escape to the Riviera, he finds that his sole “friend” is a new one: an impulsive young kid (Jean-Paul Belmondo), a hood on the way up. “Belmondo at the dawn of his stardom. He makes the kind of entrance you notice; wearing a loud, tweed overcoat would be perfect for a stickup, because witnesses would remember the coat instead of the guy inside. His entrance is an important moment in movie history. The French New Wave descended more or less directly from mainstream French crime films made in the 1950s, and if there is a missing link in that evolution, it might be this one.”– Roger Ebert.

Genres: Drama

Appears in: Classic French Cinema