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Directed by Peter Godfrey

United States 1945 101 mins In English

Released shortly before the end of World War II, this hearty, charming Warners rom-com asks: To what lengths should one (and can one) go to preserve a lucrative public identity in the face of overwhelming love? Barbara Stanwyck is put through the ringer as quick-witted Elizabeth Lane, a super-successful New York food writer whose shtick is being a Connecticut farm-owner who does everything for herself. The reality? Quite the opposite, unbeknownst to everyone else—including her publisher! When Elizabeth gets pressured into hosting a Christmas dinner for returning war-hero Jefferson Jones (All-American-boy Dennis Morgan), will the charade be up, or will Elizabeth learn more about herself than she thought possible? One of the great unheralded holiday movies, Christmas in Connecticut was a massive success upon release for a public ready to be done with war, and remains utterly charming today.

Genres: Comedy

Appears in: Essential Cinema